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Ministry Internship

Our Internship program was created to help raise up future elders, church planters, missionaries, as well as leaders in the local church. Our desire in this internship is to impart over the course of 6 months deep theological training as well as practical application in the context of the local church. This will occur through rigorous study, writing, teachings, conversations, and interactions with our Elders, staff, and members. This has been the means of providing men with an ecclesiological and pastoral grid for doing the work of ministry locally and abroad for much of church history.

Who is Eligible? 

We welcome applications from men who know they desire to pursue a ministry calling as well as those who are currently seeking if vocation ministry is right for them. 

We believe in many cases an internship serving and learning in the context of a local church could be extremely beneficial for men in the following circumstances:

  • Following graduation of High School
  • Following Graduation of College or Seminary
  • In between Job/Career paths
  • Following Retirement

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What Does an Intern’s Typical Week Look Like?

Each week interns will meet with the Elder who will be overseeing their internship here at Family Church. This Elder will be the one who reviews their reading and writing work as well as helps coordinate their time with other various ministry opportunities throughout the week. 

During the week the internship will spend a good portion of their time in reading and study as well as being able to observe the following areas:

  • Attendance at staff meetings, 

  • Elders meetings, 

  • All public services of the church, 

  • Staff prayer times, 

  • Sunday Core Classes, 

  • Weekly intern discussions, 

  • Weddings, funerals, rehearsals

  • Weekly service reviews

  • Counseling Sessions

We are excited about your interest in becoming greater equipped to serve the Lord in the context of the local church! We would love to come alongside of you in anyway we can in your discovery or pursuit of pastoral ministry. We are excited and look forward to meeting you one day!


    • How Long is the Internship? - This internship is 6 months in length. 
    • Who Can Apply? - Generally this internship is best suited for single or retired men who do not have heavy family or financial responsibilities at this point in their life. If you are neither of those two categories yet still desire to apply to this internship we will consider your request and reach out to you.

    • Background Checks? - Since interns will be working alongside the elders and staff in many different ministry roles we require that they undergo a standard background check that we run on all core volunteers.
    • Housing will be provided by Members of Family Church for those who need it from outside the area.
    • A small financial stipend is available if needed to cover the interns living expenses during their internship. (Housing, and most meals are provided)
  • .If you are interested in applying to this internship please fill out our application located at the following link.


    Additionally you can email and put in the title of your email:   INTERNSHIP