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The Children’s Ministry here at Family Church seeks to glorify God each Sunday by focusing on a 3 fold approach: Evangelizing children, Encouraging parents, and Edifying our Volunteers. 

Evangelizing CHildren

The Children’s Ministry at Family Church seeks to lead children through the whole story of God’s great rescue mission. It does so in the hope that children would come to a comprehensive understanding

of the gospel message and that by the grace of God they would look to Christ to be their Savior.

Equipping Parents

We believe parents are to be the primary evangelists and spiritual trainers of their children. Parents must work very hard at this, teaching their children every day by their regular example and specific instruction (Deut 6:7). So we seek  to encourage parents in their mission by providing tools, resources, weekly parent devotionals and as well special events throughout the year to help equip parents in this great task. 

Edifying Our Volunteers

The church is commanded to edify and equip its people to serve (Eph 4:11–16). This happens as the elders of the church preach and teach, but it also happens when the elders provide resources to help the members grow in Christlikeness. The Children’s Ministry at Family Church has chosen to use “The Gospel Story Curriculum” as a resource for members working with


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What we do Each Sunday

The gospel story curriculum is a unique, three-year program that helps the families ground children in the gospel story from Genesis to Revelation. Children who begin The Gospel Story Curriculum at age two will learn and absorb the gospel story from Genesis to Revelation three complete times prior to graduating our ministry! 

At each age level children are taught the gospel through age-appropriate illustrations, activities, coloring pages, object lessons, and memorization using the Gospel Story Sunday school curriculum, an illustrated children’s storybook Bible, The Gospel Story Bible. This is what takes place on each and every Sunday morning! (Psalm 78:3-5).

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How we Equip Parents

To help accomplish the task of equiping parents we encourage all of our parents to use the companion family devotional resources “Long Story Short” and “Old Story New.” "Long Story Short" is the companion Parent devotional for the Old Testament while “Old Story New” will is the accompanying devotional through the New Testament. These devotionals give parents an easy to follow guide to lead your children in bible study 5 nights a week in an easy to use format. These family devotionals are a valuable tool designed with both parents and children in mind. These Family devotionals aim to aid the parents in their own knowledge, love, and holiness as well as a basis for biblically based discussions within the family. The family devotionals also coordinate with the upcoming  lesson that will be taught to your children at Church on Sunday. This allows the parent to be the primary bible educator and the church supplementary in the life of the child. 

Important Parent Questions

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  • Membership is a requirement to serve in the children's ministry of family church. This means that all those serving in our childrens ministry are personally known by our church, elders, and staff. To become a member here at Family Church is not simply done by signing a piece of paper or making a general commitment to the church. Becoming a member involves a multi-step process which also includes a sit down formal meeting with a church elder discussing: ones testimony, church background, upbringing, personal struggles, marriage assessment, spiritual maturity, as well as theological assessment, just to name a few. We seek to set a high bar for our volunteers who work with our children!  In fact, between the elders alone here at Family Church we have 14 kids! Sufficeient to say our childrens and youth ministry are a big deal to us in what we do, how we do it, and who teaches and ministers to our children.

    Additionally all of our volunteers in our children's ministry have undergone the most intensive background check available. These background checks include the following : 

    • SSN Trace
    • Sex Offender Registry Check
    • Global Watchlist Check
    • National Criminal Records Check
    • County Criminal Records Check (Unlimited Counties)
    • For your peace of mind we have security cameras in every childrens ministry room as well as all of the hallways in our children's ministry wing. 
    • Our childrens ministry wing doors are locked soon after service begins for additional security measures.
    • At family church we utilizie a printed name badge check-in system with a printed pickup code for parents.
    • It is our goal that a minimum of two adult workers will be in attendance at all times when children are being supervised during programs and activities. We do not allow minors to be alone with one adult on our premises or in any sponsored activity for any reason.

  • . If you have any additional questions for us or about our student ministry we would love to touch base with you. 

    You can email our children's director Eileen at