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  • What about my Children?

    As our name suggests, we love families! We do have Children's Ministry available, but children are always welcome to be in the service with their parents. If you find your little one with a particularly fussy moment, The Family Room, is available with couches and a screen keeping you part of the service ... just in case. Located just at the foot of the stairs, to your right as you exit the rear doors of the sanctuary.

  • Why we do not pass-the-plate in church

    We believe the Bible teaches that your worship through giving is a matter of obedience between you and the Lord, not the person sitting next to you. Thus, we no longer "pass the plates" during our Sunday morning worship gathering.
    This is not to minimize the importance of each of us following the biblical direction given in Scripture, but rather to enhance it. Taking time to prayerfully discuss and decide the "amount" the Lord would have each family commit to, is a private, prayerful matter of covenant. This church body and our outreach ministries are supported solely from the tithes and offerings collected in this manner.

  • What do people typicalLY wear?

    "Will I be overdressed? Will I be underdressed?"  Even though it really shouldn't matter, this is an area that can be very intimidating for your first visit to any church. The Family Church is a place where you may see some folks in their "Sunday Best" ... but most will be in a more "island casual" attire.

  • How Long are your Sunday services?

    We believe nothing is more important than the preaching and teaching of Gods Word, so we dedicate at large portion of our service time to that endeavor. On average you can expect our Sunday service to last approximately one hour and 15 minutes, but you'll find many like to stick around and visit for some time after that. Our desire is that you will leave personally challenged, and motivated to be transformed into the likeness of Christ.