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Giving Information

Why we do not pass-the-plate in church:
We believe the Bible teaches that your worship through giving is a matter of obedience between you and the Lord, not the person sitting next to you. Thus, we no longer "pass the plates" during our Sunday morning worship gathering.

This is not to minimize the importance of each of us following the biblical direction given in Scripture, but rather to enhance it. Taking time to prayerfully discuss and decide the "amount" the Lord would have each family commit to, is a private, prayerful matter of covenant. This church body and our outreach ministries are supported solely from the tithes and offerings collected in this manner.

"So if you don't take an offering, how do I give?"

1) Tithe & Offering Boxes are located at the rear of the sanctuary, in the foyer by the main doors, and in the stained-glass hallway near Children's Ministry.

2) Giving Online allows you to give a one time gift or to set-up

automated online giving which allows you to prayerfully determine your giving, and the day of the week/month to do it.  (click the button to the right).

[For assistance regarding specific giving/financial questions, please contact our bookkeeper, Susan Shiveler: or call 239.394.1646 ext.206]

We thank you for your financial support, prayers, and your service to the Family Church; we are so blessed to be part of this amazing body of believers.