Sunday worship 10:00am

Our Sunday Worship Gathering provides biblically centered, God-focused worship and teaching. Most often we teach the Scripture verse-by-verse to communicate the foundational truths of the Gospel, and how to apply these truths to everyday life.

Children in the Service
As our name suggests, we love families! We do have Children's Ministry available, but children are always welcome to be in the service with their parents. If you find your little one with a particularly fussy moment, The Family Room, is available with couches and a screen keeping you part of the service ... just in case. Located just at the foot of the stairs, to your right as you exit the rear doors of the sanctuary.

1st Wednesdays of each Month at 6:30pm

This is a time set-apart to slow down the pace, and spend some time in worship as we corporately prepare to receive the Lord's Supper together. You can expect a short 15-20 minute devotional during this one-hour service. We hope you join us in this special time of prayer and worship.