The family church exists to glorify god by making disciples of jesus christ.

We accomplish this in four ways:

Christ-Exalting Worship

We exalt Christ through

the preaching, teaching, singing, praying and celebrating the sacraments of baptism and communion. Our worship fuels or motivates

our discipleship.

Christ-Exalting Community

We exalt Christ by living life 

with one another in the context of relationships. Our community creates an environment for discipleship to take place.

Christ-exalting Service

We exalt Christ by serving others within the Family Church and the Naples/Marco Island community. This is an overflow of discipleship.

Christ-exalting multiplication

We exalt Christ by making Him known locally and globally. We are on mission for Christ whether we are with our family, talking to our neighbor, or even when we go to another country. The by-product of discipleship is always a multiplication of others following after Christ.