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Family Church exists to glorify God by joyfully living out His Word

We glorify God by joyfully living out His Word in 4 distinct ways…

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We Worship

We want to fuel your worship

by coming together as the church to glorify God through song, prayer, and the preaching of God’s Word. 

Corporate Service - Sunday 10 AM

Communion Service - 1st Wednesday of each month @ 6:30pm

Community/Outreach Events - Ex. worship on the beach...

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We Gather

We live life with one another

in the context of Christ centered relationships. 

Connect Groups - The first steps of building relationships

Organic relationships - Develop Christ-exalting relationships

Want others to belong - Invite others to church or lunch...

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We Serve

We serve others by looking for opportunities to share the love of Christ with those inside and outside the church.  This includes serving in Ministries within the church such as in Kid’s, Student’s, Naples/Marco Outreach - Serve Marco, Steak Out, Tent Food Events...

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We Multiply

We exalt Christ by making Him known locally and globally. We are on mission for Christ whether we are with our family, talking to our neighbor, or even when we go to another country. The by-product of discipleship is always a multiplication of others following after Christ.